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How to Choose the Best Asset and Inventory Tracker Software

A reliable asset and inventory tracker application is considered an essential tool for all businesses that keep and manage inventory, such as retailers and manufacturing companies. This software application allows them to monitor their inventory, to control their inventory levels, to sort their inventory items based on certain characteristics (short, long, slow-moving, fast-moving, etc.), and ultimately to keep their business running smoothly and to satisfy their customers. If you are a business owner who tries to find the best inventory management software to use in your company, here are some important factors to mind to make sure that you choose the right software.

Your Business

You need to choose the right inventory management based on your business’s specific characteristics. A retailer will need a different—although slightly—application from that used by a manufacturing company. If your retailing business runs uses a multi-channel mechanism whereby customers can buy your products through stores, online marketplaces, mail order, etc., you need an asset and inventory tracker that supports multi-channel feature, so that your data can be synchronized across different channels. Every business is different, so you need to choose an inventory management application that accurately satisfies your business’s needs.


Your business with all of its complexities already strains you mentally and physically. With an inventory management application, you hope that you can have a big chunk of your burden lifted. This cannot be realized if the software that you choose doesn’t feature intuitive, understandable, and user-friendly interface and features. Be sure to try the software for a moment and see whether an hour of using it is enough to make you understand how the software works.


Because every person in your business is mostly mobile, you need an application that can be accessed from any place and at any time. One recommended solution is to choose a cloud-based application that runs on an internet browser. This kind of application is guaranteed to be cross-platform and accessible by everyone using every device.


Cost becomes an important factor if you are an individual seller or a small business owner. In the world of inventory management software, there are unfortunately only a few apps that are free, with PartKeepr being the only open-source inventory management software that is fully free of charge. Many inventory tracker applications offer a free version with some limitations in regard to the features that they offer. You can try the open-source software to determine whether it is reliable enough to handle your inventory management tasks. If you prefer to switch to closed-source proprietary applications, you can try the free version and see whether it works for you. Because you will be using a “trialware,” you should mind the next factor below.


Trying free inventory management software is a great idea before you pay for the real full-featured version. When you want to try a new asset and inventory tracker, be sure to take a look at the premium packages. Because you will eventually use the software’s premium version, smooth transition between the free version to a paid version, without data loss or data reinput, is a clear sign of scalability.

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