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Inventory Software for Mac

Choosing the right inventory software for Mac allows you to manage your inventory or stock much more conveniently, efficiently, and—the most important of all—accurately. Numbers of the iWork office suite and Excel and Access from the Microsoft Office productivity suite for Mac are generally helpful enough for providing a software platform for managing inventory; however, for Mac users who need a more dedicated application for inventory management, looking for other options besides the generic office suite might be necessary.

Can You Find Inventory Software for Mac on App Store?

When you are looking for inventory software for Mac, your best guess is mostly to open the App Store and to search for the software there. It turns out that this hunting task is not that simple. When you search for an inventory management application on App Store, your quest for the best application will end with you choosing of either iWork or Office applications. There are some inventory management applications that you may encounter, but they don’t really offer very comprehensive features that business owners usually need.

So, Where Should You Look for?

Your best bet is the internet. There is a large selection of cloud-based inventory management applications that you can find online. There are some benefits of using those applications.

1. They are cross-platform.
Because they are cloud-based, they can be accessed by any systems that use the internet browser, which means all of them, including Mac. They can be accessed by both your PC and your mobile devices.

2. They can be accessed everywhere.
Cloud-based apps can be accessed from virtually everywhere, provided that you have a stable internet connection to access them.

3. They offer scalable services.
In most apps, you can start with the free version that allows you to normally use the software with some limitations. As your business grows and you can accumulate more capital, you can expand the software by switching to the paid version without losing or re-inputting your data.

4. Free and open-source software is available.
Although considered a rarity, free and open-source cloud-based inventory management software does exist. If you need a dedicated software, PartKeepr is your best pick. There are also free open-source accounting applications that you can use. Although they focus on a broader accounting sector, they can also be used for inventory management.

Show Me Some Apps.

If you are ready to use cloud-based inventory management software for Mac, here are two options besides the free PartKeepr that are available for you.

1. Stitch Labs
If you run a multi-channel business whereby you allow your customers to pay for your products using various channels including a physical store, an online store, online marketplaces, and telephone or mail order, choose Stitch Labs because it synchronizes orders and sales across all channels.

2. Ordoro
Ordoro is another holistic cloud-based inventory management application that allows you to manage all aspects of your business, including orders, vendors, channels, suppliers, and sales from a single cockpit. If you are looking for comprehensive inventory software for Mac, this app can be a good choice.

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