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Is There Computer Inventory Software Open Source Solution That You Can Use Now?

With computer inventory software open source solution, you can simplify the complicated inventory management tasks easily and cheaply. An inventory management software is considered essential because it tracks all inventory-related tasks, which are otherwise complicated if done manually without using any tools. There is a large variety of inventory management applications, many of which offer a free version with limited features. For small businesses, however, a free open-source application is a preferred choice. The question is, why should you use a free open-source application? If there is one, what is it? Do you still have to pay in order to use the full features of such an application? Here we will try to answer each of those questions.

Why Use a Free Open-Source Inventory Management Application?

A free and open-source inventory management application is a great tool for individual business owners and small businesses. For those entities, whose capital is mostly limited, a costly inventory management application may prove a burden.

There are, indeed, inventory management applications that offer a free version, but it mostly comes with some limitations. Some free applications may limit the number of items that can be kept and managed in the software, some may limit the usage of the application only for one person and not all business operators in the company, and some may only limit the free usage of the application for a limited time.

For small businesses, the free features of those applications are mostly enough to let them take care of their inventory management tasks; however, as their needs expand, they may find the limitations too restrictive. Eventually, they will be forced to abandon the free version and to switch to the paid version. Paying for the paid version may not be a big deal for businesses that successfully expand and make a better profit from their activities, but if they can find a free open-source application, that could be better.

Is There a Free And Open-Source Inventory Management Application?

There are many inventory management applications that claim to be open-source and free; however, based on our observation, only PartKeepr is the real open-source application with free features. You don’t have to pay to use extra features that it offers because everything is already unlocked since the first time you use this application. For a free and open-source application, PartKeepr is sufficiently reliable to handle your inventory management tasks, with many features that make even the most complicated tasks easy to deal with.

Do You Need to Pay to Use This Application?

As said above, PartKeepr is a free open-source application. You can enjoy all of its features without spending a dime. If there is payment, it is not related directly to the application’s functionalities. You can be a Patron at Patreon and make a donation to assist in the development of the application. Because the application is web-based, you need to host it at some place that requires you to pay; however, it is also possible for you to install it on an offline server that you create in your local computer. Lastly, although the application is free, technical support for this computer inventory software open source solution is not free. There are wiki pages for this application, but if you cannot find information that you need on those pages, you need to make payment to receive community and commercial support.

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