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The 5 best asset management software reviews

What is the best asset management software that fits with your business? Recently, business has more assets that need to manage ever before, especially with the increasing mobile device that use in the workplace.

The consideration choose of best asset management software

Narrow down the option of your asset management software by figure out what exactly the assets that you desire to track. Think for the assets that cost money for your company. Once you identified the problem, you can find the asset management software that delivers you a long term solution.

The best asset management software list 

1. Manage Engine Asset Explorer. This is the asset management software that affordable for those global or distributed companies that require full features asset management software and cloud-hosted based. This asset management software also featured with VM based support, mapped relationship, and familiar with windows style user interface. The lack from this software is there are no mobile applications and limited controls tools that only work with Mac and Windows-based machine.

2. MM Soft Pulseway. The MM soft Pulseway asset management software check to all boxes of IT management tools features with nice mobile applications as well with the software. This is easy to use by mobile and powerful tools for the client. The two-factor authentication ensures maximum protection and intuitive user experience. The iPad app allows full access to the features and easy connection to the cloud and virtual infrastructure. The lack from this feature, t is little difficult to configure with SNMP support. The only support is Microsoft SQL server for monitoring database. There is an also limited capability for reporting as the management assets should networked.

3. Asset Panda. Asset Panda asset management software offers you with impressive full features of asset management software with functionality that customizable and pricing in unlimited level. This is perfect asset management software for business that demands complex feature of asset management but still wants to look comprehensive training and help, as the cloud-based tool will be very useful for done to the task. The software provides free applications in iOS and Android application, support for voice recording, image, videos and also customizations. It comes with a low price. The lack from this software, it does not have network discovery, no offline mode for the mobile app, no remote access to the machine, and no software usage data. The data import also considers as slow for large sets of data.

4. Go Codes. It is easy to use asset management software. Comes with an affordable price, secure with owner information, track any assets, even with non-networked assets. If your business needs physical asset location, on demand, customizable asset groups report, then Go Codes is an option that easy to use, powerful and comes with the reachable budget. The lack from this software, it comes without inner device visibility, no notification update, no automated assets detection, and software usage tracking.

5. Service Now. This is cloud based asset management software that usable with the perspective features with tracking incidents, sleek reports, and customizable options, and much supports available. The lack is the complex navigation pane and the asset discovery that cost higher.

Choose the best asset management software based on your requirement will ensure the effective and efficient software management.

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