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The best network inventory software free

Will be it worthy to consider network inventory software free for your business? Network inventory software has been proved becomes an effective tool for the drive the business forward. There are some network inventory tools that free and work significantly reduces the cost. The software generates the detailed reports and keeps the control on inventory over to the IT network in the company.

What is network inventory software?

Network inventory software can be meant with manage and control to all of IT assets within the single network. In other words, the network inventory software allows the administrator to keeping the record from every single program, PC, laptop, device and any assets that included in the corporate network.

With network inventory software, it can help your business with network capacity planning, network cost /ROI estimation, estimation for network size, and physical network administration.

What included in network inventory software? 

The network inventory software generally performs the tasks through IT asset tracking software that will scan, compile and records any data about single device or node over the network. The network inventory software can include:
•    Number and type of software. This goes to license keys and expires dates.
•    The routers number, make type and also installation place, the serial number of routers.
•    IP address scheme use

The Best network inventory software free

Unfortunately, most network inventory software is considered expensive.  There are few companies that can afford to implement this instrument. The network inventory software free is a solution for those who need network inventory solution.

  1. Spiceworks. This is the free network inventory troubleshooter. This is the software that designed as part of the asset management software from Spiceworks. Therefore, this platform is able to integrate with extra tools to lead maximum efficiency. As result, when you consider this software, you will get single free network inventory software with all features that needed to handle the IT assets management.
  2. Open-AuditIT. The software is developed in PHP. This software also based on Bash and VBScript. The users can choose from 2 additions versions available; the enterprise edition and the community edition. The community edition is the free version from Open-Audit network inventory tool.
  3. ITAM. ITAM is effective network discovery software. Furthermore, this software is available as an open source platform. The best part from this network inventory software, it manages vendors and the details of categories from a single dashboard. The lack from ITAM, it has lack of patches and low-quality supports. However, the ITAM can be still counted as a good value if you need a server for free inventory network software. In the same time, you can use it to preceding the inventory audit.
  4. Lansweeper. This is networking inventory software that good deal for small and medium companies. The software is able to scale into thousands of network assets and integrated help desk.

If you have network inventory software, ask the vendors if the software is available to support with the existing program or not. Choose network inventory software free that can establish your needs as well.

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