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Understanding what is software asset management

What is software asset management and why it is so important for your business? Software assets management (SAM) is the whole infrastructure and processes that needed for creating effective management, control, and also protecting to the software assets

The benefit of software asset management 

There are many benefits from asset management software that can increase the effective from the company on how to use the asset.
Decreased risks
Improve intelligence
Optimize the in-house staff on IT team.
How to choose an asset management system

While there is asset management system software available, how you chose the correct one? Choosing the right one can be overwhelmed, as what that works for a company could be not also fit for the other one. Evaluating the options of the asset management system software can take time, but it can help you to choose the one that exactly you really need.

•    Accessibility. Choose the software asset management system that easy to use, even for the beginner employee with less skill. The user-friendliness becomes the most important criteria when choosing asset management system software. Training for the employee can cost and it needs to keep update to the information when the software used. There are many asset management system vendors that offer a trial for the software before you determine to buy.

•    Mobility. Ability to retrieve and update information fast while in the go is important issues for effective software asset management. Therefore, it is important for not buy the asset management system software that not includes a mobile user interface as well.

•    Features. Before buying the asset management software, evaluate the use case. Determine on features that must be you get. If there are any features that missing, find out how the program will be developed and ask for the solution from the provider. The missing feature might be on their updated list and a good provider will always take the feedback from the customer into an account when they decide what features should work in the next. The possibilities for configuration are also important. Hide the features that not essential for the use case can help the software effective more.

•    Scalability. The scalability is very important especially when you need some custom functionality in your software. Find out how are the flexibility of the software and the vendors. Ask the provider if it is available for adding a custom feature (of course, with reasonable price) to the software. Will you able to use the software asset management as a platform for IoT initiative? Other things that need to consider when choosing the asset management system is the ability to integrate with another system.

•    Price. Well, the price of the asset management system can vary depending on the several things such as features included, the number of assets, the user’s numbers, and the number of certain events.

Choose the right asset management system can be time-consuming jobs and need research but it will be worthy for you. By understanding what is software asset management features, uses and what you need, you can find the best one.

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